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Roof Inspections

NO PICTURE Every job begins and ends with an inspection. There is no room for guessing, our goal is to provide you with the right service. Our estimators get on the roof to identify any potential problems and then tailor the appropriate solution – whether it's replacing a few shingles or the entire roof.

Inspection Checklist


  • Are there signs of any of the following?
    • curling
    • cracking
    • bare spots
    • missing shingles
    • loose shingles
    • hail damage
    • nail gun damage
    • exposed nail heads


  • Is there missing flashing?
  • Is the flashing caulked properly or does the flashing need to be recaulked?
  • Is there any sign of damaged flashing?
  • Is all flashing properly tied in with shingles?
  • Has the flashing come away from the brick?


  • Are there loose or missing bricks?
  • Are there cracks in mortar?
  • Is flashing installed properly?


  • Is there 1 SQ FT of ventilation per 300 SQ FT of attic space?
  • Are vents properly installed and fasteners caulked?


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